Active Living

Greenwood Academy is proud to be an Active Living School.  We ensure that students get at least 20 minutes of quality daily physical activity, and our cafeteria serves healthy food at all times.  If you're interested in finding out more about this program, check out the Living Healthy Schools website.

What's for lunch?  Check out the cafeteria menu (Microsoft Word format).

Getting Active, Staying Healthy

We've got some new activities for our Quality Daily Physical Activity!  For 20 minutes, all the students and staff of Greenwood Academy have been chacha-ing and stretching as a group.  We warm up, do the chacha slide, keep moving for another few minutes, and then cool down before heading back to class.  Click here to see pictures of grade 4-8 students getting active in the gym!  It's time to get funky!

Terry Fox Run & Active Living Commotion!

What a great day!  All the students and staff at Greenwood Academy got involved in this day!  Check out the pictures of the event.  This was our first big Active Living activity for the year, but you can be sure there will be more!

Ms. Peckford's junior high gym classes have been taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather by doing some orienteering.  In this sport, you have to use your brain to read a map, and your body to run to all of the different places on the map.  At each point, you collect a letter that will turn into a mystery word once you've got them all.

  Running around to the different points.


  There's another one!

  Back to the gym to find out the mystery word.

  Enjoying some free time.

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