Special Events
April is National Poetry Month

In April the library celebrated National Poetry Month by holding an Alligator Pie Contest.  Every student was asked to make up their own version of Dennis Lee's famous poem Alligator Pie by replacing the rhyming words with whatever they wanted.  All entries were posted on the library bulletin board, underneath a stuffed alligator.  One student was chosen from each grade as a winner, based on their poem's originality, rhyme, or creativity.  These students all won a poster.  Two students were chosen randomly from all entries to win a Dennis Lee book, either Alligator Pie or Bubblegum Delicious.


Leaders as Readers!

Reading is so much fun, especially when you read with friends.  Greenwood Academy participated in the Leaders as Readers programs, where people from the local communities came in to share their love of reading with the students.  Click here to see the pictures of all the fun we had!

Lew's Turtles

What's cooler than having a pet turtle?  Sharing your pet turtles with an entire school!  Lew has two turtles, and he brought them in to school so that everyone could enjoy them.  They hang out in the lobby all day long, where students can drop by to visit.  Lew even takes them out once in a while and lets students pick them up or watch them crawl around on the floor.  Click here to see a few pictures from when some grade 2 students were playing with the turtles.

Fish Friends

The Fish Friends Program is up and running again this year. Newfoundland Power and Sobey’s sponsor this program and it’s an excellent activity for students to actively take part in. The Grade 4 students will meet many of the science outcomes for habitats as the project progresses.

On March 12th, we received approximately 100 salmon eggs. Currently, the salmon are at the eyed-egg stage.  Students are recording the daily temperature to ensure that the eggs will hatch to become alevin. Soon after, the alevin will emerge from the rocks and more into the fry stage. At this point, the students will be responsible for freeing the salmon on a daily basis.  Later in June, the salmon will be released back to the Exploits River.

The aquarium is located in the main entrance of the school and we encourage all parents to stop in and have a look.  You can also view pictures of the process by clicking here.  The pictures will be updated as the salmon go through the growth stages.

Library Lovers' Month

In February we are celebrating Library Lovers' Month.  All month long we'll be having activities and events that show how much we love our library and all the reading that it helps make happen.

On February 12, we had a Newspaper Scavenger Hunt in the library.  Thirty-six students showed up, and everyone scrambled to find everything on the list first.  Click here to see the pictures!

On Friday, February 23, students came to school dressed up as characters from a books.  Everyone looked fantastic!  The costumes were really great, and everyone had a great time seeing all the costumes in the gym.  The pictures are here - enjoy!

Just a few more pictures - click here to see pictures of the winners of the primary coloring contest, the elementary Accelerated Reader contest, and pictures of the lunch time story hour!

Valentine's Day

What's happening for Valentine's Day at Greenwood?

Help Make Shane's Dream Come True

Shane Bernier is a 7-year-old boy from Lancaster, Ontario.  He is receiving treatment for Leukemia at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.  He'll be turning 8 on May 30th, and he wants to set a Guinness World Record for the most birthday cards received.  The students of Greenwood Academy are trying to help Shane achieve his dream by creating cards to send to Shane.  If you'd like to send a card, Shane's address is below.

Shane Bernier
P.O. Box 484
Lancaster, ON
K0C 1N0

Moosey, the Skinny Pig

Greenwood Academy had a special visitor!  Ms. Susan Fudge brought along her Skinny Pig, Moosey, to meet the students.  A Skinny Pig is a hairless guinea pig, and the only place that he's got hair is on his face.  Ms. Fudge named her pet Moosey because the hair on his face makes him look like a moose!  Moosey visit lots of schools and meets all kinds of children, but he looked like he likes our school the best!  To see pictures of Moosey's visit, please click here.  

Just a note about the pictures of Moosey:  In pictures, Moosey's eyes look red.  In reality, they are brown, but the flash reflects in his eyes and they end up looking red.

Christmas at Greenwood Academy

So many activities!  We had a Christmas Concert, Christmas Dinner, Christmas Parties, and all kinds of Christmas preparations.  Pictures of these events can be found here.


Operation Christmas Child

Greenwood Academy is proud to participate in Operation Christmas Child, which collects toys, books, school supplies, treats, and personal hygene items to send to children in impoverished and war-torn countries.

Ms. Rideout and some student volunteers (pictured here with the boxes) organized, packaged, and labelled all of the boxes.  The students and staff were very generous again this year, and we are proud to be sending such wonderful gifts to children around the world.  What a great way to start the holiday season!!!


Talent Show

You want talent?  We've got talent at Greenwood Academy!  The Talent show was one great act after another.  The students sang and played and even acted!  What a great show.  To see the pictures, click here - and make sure you don't miss the next show in the spring!

Remembrance Day

Our annual Remembrance Day Ceremony was held on November 10.  Students presented their writing, sang songs, and said prayers for the soldiers who have fought and died in armed conflicts.  The pictures from the ceremony can be viewed here, as well as a video of  primary choir singing and of the laying of the wreath.

Students are also participating in the Royal Canadian Legion's Writing and Poster contests.



Halloween was a ton of fun at Greenwood Academy.  We had a Haunted House, a Social, and activities in the gym for all the students!   We've got pictures of course - click here to see all the fun we had!

Something cool to see - the Grade Two class sings Halloween carols! Check out their songs here and here.


   There are butterflies in our school!

The primary classes have been taking care of some caterpillars for the past few weeks, watching them go through their life cycle.  They started as caterpillars, and then went into their chrysalis. When we saw them again, they had turned into beautiful butterflies, ready to fly away and migrate to Mexico for the winter.  

Visit the page full of caterpillar and chrysalis pictures by clicking here.  Visit the page full of butterfly pictures by clicking here. 

If you click here, you can see a video that Ms. Nippard made of one of the Grade 1 caterpillars working its way into its chrysalis (this is a QuickTime video - download the program at www.quicktime.com ).  The best way to view the video is to save it to your computer (right click on the link, choose "Save target as," and then open the file once it has downloaded).

We've also got a video of the butterfly opening and closing its wings shortly after it came out of its chrysalis, courtesy of Mrs. Powell. You can download the video here. This one is not a QuickTime video, so it should play in Windows Media Player.

Visit the page full of caterpillar and chrysalis pictures by clicking here.  Visit the page full of butterfly pictures by clicking here.

Thanks to Ms. Nippard and Ms. Powell for sharing their pictures and videos!


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